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July 28, 2022

5 Photos to Inspire Your Home’s Flooring—Inside and Out

5 Photos to Inspire Your Home’s Flooring—Inside and Out

When it comes to style, safety and sustainability—what are the best choices for your floors? Heidi Steele, founder of Surface Resources and an expert who helps designers and homeowners determine the best flooring materials for their needs, recently joined the Housing Muse Podcast to spotlight the latest flooring trends.

Steele isn’t just cued into the trends but also the safety of the floors inside and outside a home. “Something we often overlook when selecting a fresh set of kitchen tiles or shiny hardwood floors is safety,” Steele says. “But all homeowners face a certain level of slip and fall risk every day, whether it comes from children running laps around the dining room, an elderly family member with mobility issues, or even the family dog.”

The safety of the material depends on the coefficient of friction—a requirement that varies greatly depending on whether the material is intended for indoor, outdoor or submerged applications such as showers, baths and pools, she notes.

Peruse these pictures below to see some of trendy options all with the 3 S’s in mind—safety, style and sustainability.

Checkered Designs

Photo courtesy Amorim Wise, Cork flooring

Lighter Shades of Cork

Photo courtesy Amorim Wise, Cork flooring

Supersized Tiles

Photo Courtesy Lunet Architecten, Mosa tiles

Tiles With High Walking Safety Ratings

Photo courtesy JM Architecture, Mosa tiles


Photo courtesy Lori Carroll & Associates, Mosa tiles